Dr. Saima Qureshi is an internationally collected artist, pediatrician, toxicologist and community leader.

Saima was born in Pakistan and is a naturalized citizen of the United States.  Channelled into a career in medicine through academic excellence, Saima received her training in Pediatrics and Toxicology at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Wayne State University.  Her journey from medicine to art has beginnings in a childhood passion which resulted in a yearning to paint for over two decades.

A move to Florida in 2009 brought a turbulent transition, with staying home to raise her daughters, and led her to start painting after a hiatus of two decades.

Saima is a self-taught artist.  Her last formal art education was during middle-school.  Since then, she has learnt through experimentation and has developed her own unique style.  She incorporates ancient and contemporary techniques, bringing together the traditional and modern.

She uses global floral and geometric patterns in her work. Her work is inspired by human emotions, spirituality and nature.  It shows her inborn sense of color.  Saima is a proponent of bringing people together with love and compassion, and building bridges by focusing on common threads.  This theme is reflected in her work and Saima hopes to heal a fractured world though her art.  

Using her knowledge of toxicities, Saima paints with organic paints. She works using paints, supports and frames that are made in the U.S.A.

Saima has acquired an international collector base within an extremely short time frame.   Her work is found in both private and public collections.  It is collected by a diverse group of people that also include royalty in the Middle East, entrepreneurs, doctors, CEOs and leadership consultants.

Saima says, “Life is a journey.  You need to use your God-given talents and persevere in pursuing your passions.”

Saima lives in Longwood, Florida with her husband and two daughters.  She serves in community outreach, youth leadership, and visual arts programs for children.

Saima's encourages collectors to connect with her directly.  She can be reached at for pricing inquiries and commissions.